Are You Living Your Healthiest Lifestyle?

eating salad

Now is the time of year when many of us will consider changes we can make in the New Year that will have life-changing results. Let’s face it: each and every one of us has had a resolution that we hoped would increase energy, improve sleep, and reduce stress. Some of us will shoot for large goals like quitting smoking or losing fifty pounds. It should be noted that if you do smoke or are significantly overweight, you should certainly take steps to reverse these. However, your healthiest lifecycle often involves smaller, more innocuous alterations.

Six Small Changes You Can Make to Live More Healthy


  • Eat more legumes. In one study, it was shown that “for every 20-gram increase in daily legume intake, there is a 7 to 8% reduction in mortality hazard ratio.” The Hope4Cancer® Institute in Mexico has included full spectrum nutrition as part of its Seven Cancer Treatment Principles as nutrition plays a major role in staving off disease and improving recovery.
  • If you have a sweets craving, eat fruit instead of candy. Fruit has a number of different vitamins and minerals that can improve health and will have a lower impact on blood sugar than if you opt for the cookie or brownie. It also has much needed fiber, which many people don’t get enough of with their diet. A small piece of dark chocolate is also a good option.
  • Learn how to cook. Did you know that a single meal eaten at a restaurant could have as much salt as your recommended daily intake? Plus, just think about the money you would save not eating take out all of the time. Financial adversity is a significant source of stress for individuals.
  • Drink a glass of alkaline water before your meal, so you don’t eat as much. Eating food with high water content like soup can also help here.
  • Stay off the hoverboard. You will avoid lighting your home on fire, and you will be less sedentary overall. Walk instead when you need to go a short distance. The less sedentary life you live, the less likely you’ll die from any cause.
  • Meditate for twenty minutes every day to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and strengthen mental health. If this sounds difficult, you can start with a few minutes every day to start a routine. There are a number of apps and YouTube videos available as well to assist you as you embark on a meditation practice.

When considering your healthiest lifestyle, your best strategy may be to think small. Try these tips to feel better, lower stress, improve sleep, and reduce your mortality rate.