What Is RIGVIR® Virotherapy?

RIGVIR® Virotherapy is one of the treatment modalities used by Hope4Cancer Institute to provide its patients with care without having to resort to invasive options like chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. Hope4Cancer Institute has signed a cooperative agreement with the International Virotherapy Center to use this exciting new treatment option in its clinic in Mexico.

Image of how RIGVIR virus works

If you are new to virotherapy, it is a non-invasive approach to treating cancer where oncotropic and oncolytic viruses are used. These viruses target the cancer cells in the body specifically and destroy them. Virotherapy has been studied by researchers for more than fifty years, and there have been numerous clinical trials conducted on thousands of participants.

RIGVIR® is a registered Latvian anti-cancer drug from the International Virotherapy Center that has much promise. It is non-replicative, so it does not harm the human body like other toxic cancer treatments. It was also the first. There was a Vice special on HBO several months back that shone some light on how virotherapy could be the future of cancer treatment.

Unfortunately, most pharmaceutical companies are way behind on bringing a drug to market. RIGVIR®is state-sponsored by Latvia and is sold in pharmacies across the country. It has passed all clinical trials and has been shown to be very effective in treating some forms of cancer. The most prominent success has been with melanoma, but there has been some success treating other cancers, including colorectal cancer, lung cancer, sarcoma, prostate cancer, stomach cancer, pancreatic cancer, kidney cancer, and bladder cancer.

Hope4Cancer Institute is the only cancer clinic in North America to use RIGVIR® virotherapy as part of its cancer treatment program. Those looking for an alternative to conventional cancer treatments should speak with a Hope4Cancer Institute representative to learn more about RIGVIR® virotherapy and other treatment options.